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  1. Types of otocinclus help!

    I have a shoal of 5 little otos, but I think there are 3 different types. The newest pair - Leo and Spot are beautiful and much friendlier than the rest. They are a very dark grey color that touches the stripe, on top, and almost a leapord spot pattern. Their stripe stops before the tail and...
  2. otocinclus coppery specks

    I have 4 otocinclus catfish, and I just recently noticed that there are some little coppery colored patches on their tails. There is just a little break in the black stripe that runs down the tail where it is like shiny copper scales instead of black. 3 of them have this, but some have more...
  3. Is my oto chubby, pregnant or sick?

    One of my Oto's has a plump little belly on heralmost exactly like this fish here: I'm not sure if she is a female, but she is bigger than the other one and I believe females are bigger and plumper than males so I am assuming she is a she. She...
  4. What bottom feeder should I get?

    Right now I have a ten gallon set up with a heater, filter and live plants only with sand. In the tank is a male betta and my mystery snail. I want to get a bottom feeder because the tank has a tendency of getting cloudy due to the algae wafers I feed my snail. (I know ppl say you don't have to...
  5. Disappearing Otocinclus

    Does anyone else have a problem with their oto's just up and disappearing? I bought an oto yesterday and he took to hanging in hard to see places. When I arrived at work this morning I didn't see him but added an algae wafer to the tank. Well almost three hours later and I still cannot find him...
  6. 1 male betta, 2 black mollies, and 2 otos - Compatible?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    First of all, thank you for helping my poor fish. I am new to aquarium keeping, my only previous experience keeping a betta in a bowl for the past year. We got our kids a new 10 gallon aquarium kit for Christmas, and I was going to let it cycle for a couple of weeks empty, until I read that it...