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oto catfish

  1. Feeding Oto Catfish

    Okay, I'm thinking on buying a few Oto to take care of algae in my 10g tank, but right now the algae is flaking away off the walls, leaving whatever would be on the live plants I have in it. While I know there are chances that the algae would grow back eventually, what I would like to know is...
  2. Cories and Otos dying.

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I have a 55 gallon community tank with gravel substrate. In the past couple of weeks almost all of my otos and cories have died. The water params are normal and all of my other fish are fine. At first I was wondering if it had something to do with the substrate. The cories are always down...
  3. Blue Ram's scales starting to fall off and Oto's look a bit bloated

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello guys, the title says it all. Here are my tank parameters: 20g tank Plants: one big sword, several crypts, three java ferns, java moss, and some others I don't know the name of. Fish: 1 Blue Ram 8 Lambchop Rasboras (they've only been in the tank for 3 days) 3 Oto Catfish 7 Ghost Shrimp...