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  1. Anabantids
    Hello I have a coupe of opaline gourami that i acquired they are around 5 to 6 inches they are in my 26g tank alone They seem to hide all day long there is a pyramid in the center of the tank and they seem to hid inside and peek out the front door. I have another tank that is 33g it has 5...
  2. Freshwater Journals
    Hi, Hope all is well! Just sharing the links to my tropical planted fish tanks also testing my underwater camera.
  3. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I have a 20 gallon tank with 2 angels (3" & 4"), an African clawed frog (2"), a comet (3.75"), an Opaline gourami (3.5"), and a bristle nose pleco (7" hides under a treasure chest all day except for food) and I know my tank is crowded but I'm working on that. Ive had the tank for almost a year...
1-3 of 3 Results