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  1. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    My female Crowntail likes to feed off the bottom. Now she eats when she is up top with the others, but after she will go along the bottom and eat off the gravel. Is this abnormal? The other two don't do it, just her.
  2. Catfish
    So after I did a water change, my albino cory was showing off some weird behavior today, which I've never seen in a cory before! Instead of hanging out on the sand with the other cories, he decided to stay at the surface of the water. I know they tag the surface to get air, sometimes even swim...
  3. Anabantids
    I recently bought 2 dwarf gourami (Don't know they are male of female) for my aquarium. I also have 2 Mollies, 2 Pleco. My Gourami has been behaving oddly today, swimming to the front and side of the tank and spitting bubbles hundreds of tiny bubbles through his gills at the bottom the tank...
1-3 of 3 Results