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  1. Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    I have debating this issue for months so I would like some help. I go to college right now and i currently have a piranha. I have a 20g marineland seaclear eclipse 2. Once my piranha outgrows the tank i am going to return him. I am really thinking that i want to start my first saltwater aquarium...
  2. Saltwater Journals
    So far, so good! My long tentacle that refuses to plant himself: My bubble coral... can't believe how much he's grown! He was tiny when I got him: My feather duster: And my black ocellaris clowns... I <3 my emo Nemos: Sorry for the dirty glass and fuzzy pics (crappy camera)
  3. Saltwater Fish
    I will be adding my 1st fish soon. but I was looking for sum advise as to how I should add him to my tank. As I don't have the space or money to have a Q tank as well as my display tank. I was wounding which would be the next best way to add the par of tank bread Ocellaris Clownfish. I would...
1-3 of 3 Results