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nitrate poisoning
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  1. Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    Here are my specs: 55 Gallon Freshwater Tank Heavily Planted Marineland Penguin 350 Filter 2 Airstones 25 Mollies 78 Degrees Ph 7 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 180+ In 3 months I’ve not been able to get my nitrates under control. I’ve been doing 20-30% water changes weekly using distilled water...
  2. Cichlids
    I have very little spare time, and I suffer from anxiety and stress, exams and coursework prevented me from doing a water change for a while, totally my fault and i feel so stupid right now. Anyway, i finally tested my water , and realised the nirate levels were awful, a danio was missing, so i...
1-2 of 2 Results