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  1. Introducing guppies into established stable aquarium

    I have been running my 29 gallon with 12 fancy guppies for nearly 4 or 5 months. I want to know if it is safe to introduce 10 guppies at once?
  2. Stocking ideas for 240 litre

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello! I'm just setting up my very first tank (grew up with my Dad fishkeeping, but this is my first) and while it's getting started with its cycling, I'm starting to think about what I want in it. Problem is there is so much conflicting information! My set up is an Eheim vivaline 240 with...
  3. New guy

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone it's probably your youngest member (I am just 15) looking for advice for my fish tank adventure. Well not so much new but I have not been on here in like a year or two so I feel new
  4. Changing sponge over?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I was wondering how do i switch over to new sponge in my filter without cycling again? and when should i change my sponge over e.g every 6 weeks (its does have activated charcoal) I haven't done this before. I just realized i accidentally put salt water for my topic my tank is actually...
  5. Newbie from Cali :)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello there! I just added fish to my first aquarium a few days ago, and thought joining a forum like this would really help me gain knowledge and help me answer some of my questions! I currently have a lightly planted 10 gallon tank with 4 platys and have a 29 gallon tank sitting in my room for...
  6. Finally decided to introduce myself

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone, Aquarium Hunter here saying hello to all the fish hobbyist of this great forum. I've been visiting and browsing this forum for over 3 weeks now and finally decided to create my profile. I'm from Los Angeles, CA and have about 3-4 years involved in this awesome hobby/culture. I...
  7. Newbie with a 55 gal. Saltwater tank

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    I'm very much a beginner with aquariums and super excited to start my new hobby. I recently purchased a 55 gal. saltwater tank used but in great shape, with a new Coral Life protein skimmer, new small current fan, and new bio-wheel. I have a basic 2 bulb halogen lighting system. I'd would like...
  8. Greetings

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everybody, Years ago when I was a kid I have 3 aquarium. I choose the fish and decoration but my Dad do all the 'dirty works'. :roll: 2-3 months ago I intentionally bought a gold fish and fish bowl just for fun, I never realize that having fish for pet not as simple as it looks like and...
  9. Help Fuguring out pH and hardness of tap Water

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I'm new here, and I need help setting up my first tank. first of all I need to determine the pH and hardness of the water right? So, I went and looked at a chart with all the numbers... What I got from it is this- the hardness is 125 ppm, what is that in dH? (General hardness, whatever that...
  10. Which Type of Dwarf Cory?

    Hi! So I have officially decided to keep some type of dwarf cories in my 10 gallon tank. I am deciding between the c. habrosus, hastatus, and pymaeous. I like the look of the habrosus the most, but I heard that the pygmaeous is hardier. I am new, so I definitely am not ready for fragile little...
  11. Cory Cat Substrate

    Hi Everyone! I am thinking about getting some cory cats in my 10 gallon. Right now, I have a gravel substrate. One person on a different forum had the same gravel and said her cories were fine, and I really don't want to have to change my substrate, so what do you guys think? I have this...
  12. Hellllo From Whidbey Island

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone! :blueyay: My name is Kristin and I joined this group because I have just started my first home aquarium! I have no experience with fish so I am starting fresh. I hope that I can learn information and enjoy meeting new people who enjoy a fish tank as much as I do!! :thankyou:
  13. New tank setup help!

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    Hello there all! I am FrightyDog! (little soething about me!) I am a resident of southern California and fan of animals all around! I have kept everything but rodents (so far). I am just rekindling the flame for saltwater fish! I am open to many ideas because i am quite new to this...onto my...
  14. Help, I am trying to revive an old "dead" fish tank.

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I am trying to revive my Fiance's old fish tank. He has put a lot of money into equipment and I don't want it all to go to waste. It's not just about the money he put into his tank. I've always wanted to get into the hobby. I love animals and fish fascinate me. I'm a complete amateur when it...
  15. Hello Fellow Fish lovers

    Introduce Yourself
    HI, you can call me aussie or JJ or aussieJJDude, i don't mind :-D I have a large fish tank, dont know the gal, i know it is over 50G!:-) I have 3 kuli loaches (1of my fav fish!), 1 clown loach (another of my fav fish), 20 bristlenose catfish (BNC), 20 guppies, 5 platies, 1 Buenos Aires Tetra...
  16. How to prevent Tiger Barb bullying. Please Help!

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums and a new aquarium owner, and I am writing this thread because I am worried about my new tank! I recently bought a new 10 gallon tank and I put 3 tiger barbs and a shark inside. The barbs leave the shark alone, but the bigger barb has been very...
  17. New to Hobby! Have two new goldfish, need help starting out!

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I am VERY new to all of this fish stuff. I had a very ugly betta for a year which lived in a bowl, until it jumped out of its bowl when I was not home and died :-(. I decided very recently to get a couple goldfish, knowing honestly nothing about goldfish at all. I originally got these very small...
  18. My first aquarium, any suggestions on my community??

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello everyone. I have an Aqueon 15 gallon Columm aquarium kit with the Quirtflow 10 power filter and a tetra 100w heater keeping my water around 78 degrees. I also have two live plants with driftwood and two other decorations. Ive had this aquarium for a little over two months now and have...
  19. Hello everyone

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone, I'm chris, I'm brand new to this forum, used to be registered to another forum but was seeing alot of bullying happening to beginners of this hobby, I'm sure this site is nothing like that one. Anyway the tank I have right now is a freshwater 40gal 4ft long tank with led lights...
  20. Newbie Warning!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi! I'm a total newbie (my tank was just set up 1 week ago) and am looking forward to learning more about how to do this right! I'm almost 14 years old, and I have a 10 gallon aquarium with 3 black skirt tetras (I think they're also known as black widows or something), and am looking to add more...