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new jersey

  1. Anyone From NJ wanting to trade?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Im looking for any mosses, anubas, guppies, or RCS. Name what you want in terms of price and ill see what i can do, the fish and shrimp trades are to broaden the genetic diversity btw!
  2. Fancy Guppies For Sale

    Pick Up Only. In New Jersey. Very good in health and in about 2 months will be a good size, unless you want to buy fry which I can do as well. Very Cheap prices ass well. I will drive a short distance to trade for aquatic plants, shrimp, or assassin snails. PM me for more info about location...
  3. Hello!

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    Hey there! I signed up about 15 mins ago! I have a 15 gallon guppy and shrimp breeding tank as well as a 55 gallon red eared slider tank! I'm from Jersey and I wouldn't say I'm new to fish keeping, but I am no expert! Hopefully I can learn a lot from all of you ! I also have 2 ferrets which are...