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  1. howdy!!! im new to the community and egar to learn more about my fish!!!!

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    hello all my name is shauna, im 20 a mother to 1 son. i have a 29 gal tank at the moment and in the process of upgrading to a 55gal at this very moment. I have 3 african dwarf frogs, 2 ghost catfish, 2 khuli loaches, 1 parrot fish, 1 iridescent shark, 1 bala shark, 1 loricara whiptail catfish, 1...
  2. Guppies/Platies

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    hey im new here, been kinda looking around and i like this place alot of information. well about 5 months ago i started breeding platies, fell in love with them and now im trying my luck with guppys. i was just wondering if you guys have any tips or tricks or anything that would help me...please...
  3. Hi, I'm one of those people who name ALL their fish :)

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    Hello! My name is Briana I am from south Carolina and I have always been captivated by fish they are just so wonderful. And very underestimated! I do indeed name all my fish and they each have personalities. I have a 10 gallon aquarium currently, and a little betta fish tank also. I used to have...