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  1. When OLD fish become NEW FISH! - How I began!

    Introduce Yourself
    ... about 6 months ago I woke up from my ordinary boring life expecting an ordinary boring day but as I reached the bottum of the stairs that morning I noticed an old fish tank in the living room with not much to say about it except "MOM!!!! WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THIS OLD PIECE OF ****!"...
  2. Mollies dying - brand new to fishkeeping - please help

    Hi there, I would appreciate any help please. I am new to fishkeeping, have been wanting to start for a long time and only just took the plunge. I will relay as much information as I have and hopefully someone can give me advice. Please forgive my new-ness to fishkeeping (and don't laugh/abuse...
  3. Starting new 30 gallon tank

    Hello! I had an African cichlid tank many years ago that I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm back at it but do not remember much about how to begin a tank and the types of fish that will live best together. The only fish store in town is Petsmart and they had me add a bag of African cichlid sand to my...
  4. Euthanizing... New Fish owner... Frustrating

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I am extremely frustrated and discouraged, I have just purchased my first fresh water tank, admittedly I wasn't as informed as I should have been but since realizing my lack of education I have really stepped up my game. (Small rant about the lack of information given to me by my questions I...