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  1. Fish Breeding
    I just got my first Silver Mollies, a male and a female to go with my other girls in the tanks. She had babies the day...actually less than ten minutes after I put her in the aquarium. >< I knew she was pregnant when I got her, and she was being harrassed at the petshop by a few boys, so I...
  2. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I am new to this forum so first and foremost, hi everyone. I'm sorry if this has been addresses before but no amount of google answers have worked for me to date. A little background, I have a 35 gallon warm freshwater tropical aquarium. It was my husbands as a child but we scrubbed it with...
  3. Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi, well I'm very new to this forum and to fish keeping... Here are my stats.. Tank size: 84 litres/18.48 gallons Using Master Test Kit by API: Nitrites: 0ppm, Nitrates: 2.5ppm, Ammonia: 0.1-0.15ppm (The colour doesn't quite match 0 or 0.25, it's in-between), PH: Somewhere...
1-3 of 3 Results