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  1. Saltwater Fish
    So I have an ADA 18 gallon SPS dominant tank and my fiance fancies the look of the wavy softies and some lps NOT sps. so instead of transforming my tank I decided to get her one lol. So I was looking and looking for a tank and I finally came across on a local thread post for a 16 gallon ADA...
  2. Saltwater Fish
    Hello all!!!:-D So I have completly revamped my system not only in water volume but also in the hardware department as well! here is a link to my old system to compare Setup Additions: Display: ADA 18...
  3. Saltwater Fish
    6 Gallon Cylendrical tank with 10 gal sump/fuge Mates: 2x Ocellaris 3x Blue-legged hermit crabs 2x Astraea snails 1x Margaritta snail Reef-Safe astrena starfish Corals: Spaghetti Hammer Birdsnest Pocillopora Damicornis GSP Toadstool Various Mushrooms Setup: Display: diy led 2x nano hydor...
  4. TFK Other Countries Classifieds
    28 Gallon Nanocube for sale in Lakewood California asking 800 OBO. LOTS of coral. Need to do major remodeling in my home and plan on moving very soon, Can't take the aquarium with me. Please respond to [email protected] if interested. Cash only, you pick up.
1-4 of 4 Results