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nano tank

  1. My own design for nano reef + controller all in one

    Nano Reef
    Hey guys I'm Jun Sang. I made this "smart" tank design as a long time hobbyist and am not running a campaign to get it started on production and manufacturing. Please let me know what you think!! Thanks!! I need all the feedback and help from fellow hobbyists...
  2. Saltwater Tank Ideal for a dorm room

    Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    So I've been doing fresh water tanks since I was little. Me and my older brother always had a stocked tank in our room. But now I want to switch to salt water. However, I've never done salt water before. I know that it is definitely a more cautious process of taking care of them. Also, in the...
  3. New rock flower anemones!!!

    Nano Reef
    Just checked out VIP Reefs and found these awsome gems!
  4. Desk tank..

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hey there! I was wondering on getting a small tank for my desk in my bedroom.. And I was thinking something nano tank type thing, but I have no idea what size I should get and what to put in it, this tank would be something for me to basically stare at while doing homework :p but at the same...
  5. A few beginner questions..

    Nano Reef
    Hey guys! I just recently was referred to this site by a member who says this is the best place for aquarium related help(: (I'm not quite sure of their name as they referred me on yahoo answers) I've been in the hobby of keeping freshwater fish for around a year. I've had a very successful...