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  1. Tropical Fish Diseases
    My new tiger barb that I bought yesterday looks like he has no mouth or it's always open or something. I did notice this yesterday and have asked what is wrong with it on other forums but haven't gotten a response. Can someone please help ASAP!?!?
  2. Tropical Fish Diseases
    I noticed this parasite/infection about three days ago and has progressively worsened. I have looked every on the web for a diagnosis and couldn't:-( find any information. Please help me identify this infection so I can apply a treatment ASAP!
  3. Tropical Fish Diseases
    I have three red eye tetras and their mouths look really wierd; like part is missing. The other fish in the tank are not aggresive towards them as far as I can tell and all of the other fish are healthy. The tetras are behaving normally and eat but can anyone tell me what is going on with...
  4. Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi people, my frontosa seems to have this weird growth inside it's mouth, i initially thought it was pellets that he didn't swallow but a day has passed and it's still there. it looks like two round eggs inside his mouth. btw i only noticed this yesterday, before that it looked fine. any idea...
1-4 of 4 Results