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  1. Blue Lobster molting or dead?

    Hello everyone, I bought a Blue Lobster one week ago. He's alnoe in a small tank, got a rock and some plants for him to hide into. 3 days ago I so him laying on his back, not moving. So I figured he is starting to molt, so better leave him be and not bug him. After a day he still hasn't move, I...
  2. New Blue Lobster (Crayfish) in community tank (and it's not going well)

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    So I did the foolish thing of following my impulse rather than first doing my research like I should have. I have a well-established 10 gallon community tank with: 2 black neon tetras 3 fish that were sold to me as black neon tetras but upon closer inspection clearly are not (though they are...
  3. Crayfish Molting

    hello! I have a 2.5" ish red crayfish that just molted a little less than 24 hours ago. he seems to have had no troubles with most of the molting but his left claw is still stuck on...should I do something about it at some point (i.e. if in 48 hours, it's still attached, should I hold it while...
  4. molting problems..advice? (bamboo shrimp)

    Freshwater Shrimp
    I have a couple bamboo shrimp. Today one of them molted. My boyfriend saw him moving around just fine with the molted skin on the bottom of the tank( I'm not exactly sure at what time he molted). he came to pick me up from work and an hour later the little guy was upside down in the corner...