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mollie fry

  1. Dalmatian mollies is it pregnant?

    Fish Breeding
    I am new to aquariums and noticed my dalmatian mollie looks pretty fat especially compared to my other one. I do not know much about fish and am still learning. Does it look pregnant and if so what should I do to help and keep baby fish. I currently have a 30gal with 2 dalmatian mollies, 2...
  2. mating mollies

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    hey im kind of a rookie at this and about 4 weeks ago my balloon molly and black molly mated and niw i have 5 little baby moliies. unfortunetly my black mollie (who was the female) ended up dying the next day, so i was just wondering if it would be wise to try and mate one of the mollie fry with...
  3. Molly fry with fuzzy white on its tail..

    Fish Breeding
    My four day old Molly fry appeared with a small fuzzy white lump on its tail. I seperated him, he's now in a bowl, and today, the fluffy has gotten bigger. I was wondering how to treat him! I added a bit of aw salt to his water and he started moving around more, but still just lays on the bottom...