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  1. new mbuna tank! thoughts & stocking help?

    new to keeping african cichlids! i just recently set up a new 56gallon setup with a few currently in it. i have been keeping fish for almost 4 years or so but have always kept smaller, community fish and aquatic plants. this tank currently has a fluval 306 and a fluval 105 filter. currently...
  2. Stock the 55 G with Mbuna!

    I have a community setup, but looking to make a transition to cichlids.. -FILTRATION: Currently have an emperor 280 and Aquaclear 70 HOB filters...calculates to about 10x turnover/hour. Pretty good, but I've heard many switch to canister filters with cichlids...?? Do they work better? Do i need...
  3. Collecting wild algae?

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    Yesterday I was at my local creek, and I always grab some anarchis and other plants for my pond and sometimes aquarium, but yesterday I saw various types of algae, like there was some thick algae grass looking thing, some large clumps of green looking fibres and some areas that were large green...
  4. mixing catfish and loaches?

    okay so i have a 55 gallon with mbuna, and its been running for along time like 2 years, and i have 2 yoyo loaches and a synodontis decorus that have been there for the same amount of time, and i was wondering if your able to mix different kinds of synodontis species with my decorus? and same...
  5. when to sell acei fry?

    hi, my acei gave birth a little over a month ago, and most of the fry are half an inch or bigger. they are very robust and most of them are almost completely opaque (as in i cant see their stomachs or spines). they are swimming to almost all levels of the tank, but they still prefer to stay...
  6. mbuna lying sideways on tank floor :(

    my female mbuna acei cichlid just gave birth last night. i scooped her up and put her into another tank with the same water and gravel for her to spit out the remaining fry, and then the next morning i moved her back into my big tank, but now, she is just lying sideways on the floor...
  7. single male demasoni?

    i have a 55 gallon mbuna tank. and i was wondering if its a good idea to add a single demasoni male? because they look sick when theyre older! i know they say you should keep them in large groups, but would a single male be calm in a 55 gallon? thanks for all help!! bubbles
  8. Mbuna combo :)

    Kk so short story quick 55 gallon, mbuna biotope, no mbuna and need advice! K so here's my first attempt, btw majority females 1 male for each combo, tell me what you think! 4 yellow labs 4 esthereae 4 kenyi 4 auratus 4 socofoli 3 hongi 3 petricola 1 bristle nose Pleco Pair of kribs
  9. Demasoni fry/juvies P/U (charlotte)

    TFK Other Countries Classifieds
    Looking to get rid of all fry & juvies with imperfect barring. I figure there'll be 10+ fish total, ranging from 3/4" to maybe 2". I would ship, but I don't want to take that chance and have the fish die on us. These are best kept in large groups (12 or more) so it's all or none. Asking $20 for...
  10. Starting a cichlid tank, all manner of advice wanted/needed!

    Hi, I have just bought a 4ft 216L aquarium. the dimensions are 120cm long x 40cm deep x 45cm high i would really like to turn it into a Lake Malawi Mbuna tank and so i need lots and lots of advice. First off i'd like to mention that my water chemistry isn't far off perfect please see the link...
  11. 55g mbuna tank help me get this right please

    ive been on this same topic fpr over a month now and yes i still have questions. ive been working on a new african tank setup and you guys told me the flaws of the tank. so i took the tank back down and started over. i have had some bricks in the tank that were on top if the sand instead on top...
  12. Hey Everyone

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    New to these forums, but a member on numerous others. Check out my tank. Nice to meet all of you! YouTube - Mbuna Tear Up Broccoli