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  1. Hello from AZ!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey all, Greetings from sunny Arizona where we are enjoying our winter. We started in freshwater aquariums benignly enough with a pair of 1 gallon Betta tanks - 1 for each of our daughters. Bettas didn't thrive and we moved up to a slightly larger tank. We then upgraded to a 3-gallon aquaponics...
  2. Marineland C360 Help!!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    i have a marineland C360 canister filter on my 55g tank. when i go to open my canister filter do i need to empty the water line or does it have a valve. i was told i dont need to but need to make sure, i dont want water leaking on my floor
  3. Enough Filtering for a 55g

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I've written a couple of times here about the 55 gallon tank I'm in the (slow) process of setting up. The tank was a free CL find and I have a new top rim on order from the LFS (the old one was missing the middle brace). In the mean time I've been scouring CL some more and today got my hands on...
  4. Marineland Emperor 400 Bio-Wheel Filter

    Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    I purchased this particular filter about a month ago. I had not used it up until today. I did as it said in the instruction manual and added water until it over flowed into the aquarium, I then plugged it into power and it kinda gargled for a little while (which I assume means it was gaining...
  5. Marineland Rite-Size K Cartridge Mod

    DIY Aquarium
    Some more Eclipse modifications for ya'll. I recently added a live plant to my Eclipse System 6. Since I wanted to begin adding fertilizers and carbon additive to the water I was going to need to stop having activated carbon in the filter lest it suck the ferts right out of the water as quick as...
  6. Eclipse System 6

    Aquarium Products Reviews
    Eclipse System 6 I received an Eclipse System 6 for my birthday and decided to write up a review of the system. Tank The actual tank of the Eclipse system would best be described as a baby bowfront. It has a trapezoidal cross section with a curved front pane. For those of you like me who...
  7. Marineland Eclipse System 12 Aquarium

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello all, I just recently received a Marineland Eclipse System 12 Aquarium as a gift and was wondering if anyone could provide me information on it? Any tips for a beginner? I also had a specific question about the bulb that comes inside. 13 watts seems rather low for plant growth, what is...