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  1. In Business for 38 years

    Introduce Yourself
    I am Kirit Vaitha. We are collectors and exporters of Tanganyika fish since 1980. Recently, we have also started collecting from Victoria and Malawi. We cover collections on the Tanganyika lake from Burundi to Zambia. We have found, discovered and re-discovered many fishes in the last 38 years...
  2. Malawi tanganyika combo :O

    Kk so I know youll just say first off NO those lake don't mix but I trie to make a combination of cichlids that may be peaceful together... So can anyone help me stock this tank? Kk so first offi was divinely inspired by this video, and btw I'm on an iPad so idk if this vid will show up or not...
  3. Starting a cichlid tank, all manner of advice wanted/needed!

    Hi, I have just bought a 4ft 216L aquarium. the dimensions are 120cm long x 40cm deep x 45cm high i would really like to turn it into a Lake Malawi Mbuna tank and so i need lots and lots of advice. First off i'd like to mention that my water chemistry isn't far off perfect please see the link...
  4. Unknown African Cichlid??? need id

    Would anyone be able to id this lil terror.... ive tryed, looked everywhere but just can't find any info on him??? or her??? at the mo he is about 2 inch and his eyes are really large, there even bigger then the dominante Mbuna male and he's the biggest in the tank at 5-6 inch... i bought cause...
  5. African Cichlids wanted in Lancashire???

    Hi everybody....:-D Does anyone have or know of anyone in the north lancashire area selling African Cichlids. I live in Morecambe and only shop round here is call Reef & River and they don't have a big selection of Malawi's and then there just assorted and most of the time none at all.:-( So if...
  6. Is this a good light for my cichlid tank?

    Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    Hey all. I have been searching for Aquarium lighting for my new malawi tank (tank measures 36" L x 17 W x 17 H)...I came across this light on ebay and was wondering if anyone could let me know if it'd be a good fit. THX! 36" T5 HO Aquarium Light Reef Cichlid 78W 2x 39 watts - eBay (item...