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  1. Hello from AZ!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey all, Greetings from sunny Arizona where we are enjoying our winter. We started in freshwater aquariums benignly enough with a pair of 1 gallon Betta tanks - 1 for each of our daughters. Bettas didn't thrive and we moved up to a slightly larger tank. We then upgraded to a 3-gallon aquaponics...
  2. How To Care For Your Kuhli Loaches

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hello eveyone, In my most recent film I have decided to turn the camera lense on one of the most interesting and unique freshwater fish in the hobby. The KUHLI LOACH ! These fish have some strange features and habits that make them a very entertaining addition to a community tank. They are easy...
  3. Planted tank substrate and horseface loach

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi all, I am moving my 155L tank to a new 155L tank (new glass) and cannot choose a suitable substrate that would be good for my plants AND good for my horseface loach. He needs a fine gravel for burrowing etc so does anyone have any recommendations? I don't want anything superfine, but...
  4. Help with kuhli loaches - ich treatment, possible SBD caused by medication?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi guys! Pardon the long post, I want to provide thorough information. I have a 20L tank, with live plants (mondo, anubias, some other pet store standards), two pieces of driftwood about a forearm long each, black sand substrate (sterile, no beneficial additives). I have an adjustable heater...
  5. Assassin Snails or Loaches

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    What is better to tackle the infestation of ramshorn snails - Assassin Snails or Loaches? Yoyo, clown, kuhli?
  6. Need Help Identifying a Loach

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Story: I made a newbie mistake the other day (that I should know better than after 2 years!) that I need help with. I went to the pet store to purchase 2 more black kuhli loaches for my 25 gallon tank. They only had one black left, but the girl said they had an albino kuhli loach left. We were...
  7. Corydoras Or Loaches?

    So, i want to get some sort of fish that is a bottom dweller for my 29 gallon. the question is, should i get cories or zebra/kuhli loaches? I really like both, but would the loaches hurt my 2 african dwarf frogs? Any feedback is welcome, thanks!:-D
  8. Hello everyone!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone! I just joined this forum. I set up a new 20 gallon tank {Grreat Choice starter kit from Petsmart} last weekend. My tank now has 2 neon tetras, 4 glowlight tetras, 2 black skirt tetras, 3 ghost shrimp and 2 black kuhlia loaches. I planted a couple of Amazon Sword plants and...
  9. 125G Tank Stocking (Severum, Clowns, Rainbows...)

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hey everyone. I'm working through my stocking list and making plans for a new tank. I currently have a 55G with my juvenile severums in it (Super Reds, under 1"). Keep in mind I am upgrading tanks to a 125g in the beginning of 2014, and all of the fish on the list will be purchased as juveniles...
  10. Loaching are chewing on my DIY Cave!

    DIY Aquarium
    I'm worried that this might cause a health problem for them. They're Kuhli Loaches and look to be biting and pulling on the silicone part of it. The cave is made of pvc pipe, glass stones, and GE Silicone I Waterproof for Window/Door/Attic/Basement. I spent HOURS on this cave, so I would rather...
  11. Need help choosing substrate

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    As the title says, I need help choosing a substrate. The reason I just didn't go off someone else's post is because I have specific factors that need to be considered because of my water and the fish I will be getting. I would really apreciate the names of good brands along with your posts to...
  12. Bottom feeders perching

    I love bottom feeders, I think they tend to have more personality. I was wondering about a possible setup. What if you did a sort of upside down planted look: only floating plants, and sand on the bottom. Probably a piece of driftwood to, but other than that just open, sandy bottom. The reason...
  13. Fat Zodiac Loach

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I've had 3 zodiac loaches for about a month now. All seems to be well with them- they have a big den and keep to themselves. I haven't really seen any signs of aggression. One of the loaches has gotten quite plump, but the other 2 are slender. They were all the same size when I purchased them...
  14. Tiger Botia/Stocking aggression issues.

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hey everyone, New to the forum, always found helpful hints here, but now ive got a problem i need specific insite on. I recently purchased a Tiger Botia loach, about 3-4" long from my lfs. I have semi aggresive 55g tank stocked with the following: Tin foil barb x1 Green tiger barb x5 cae x1...
  15. My New Zebra Loaches - 55 Gallon is Stocked

    Freshwater Journals
    I picked up some Botia Striata today for my 55 Gallon Rainbowfish Tank. The tank is now home to: 8 x Red Platies 8 x Zebra Danios 6 x Red Rainbowfish (3M, 3F) 4 x Blue Rainbowfish (M) 5 x Zebra Loach The only other fish I plan on adding is a Bristlenose Pleco. I thought the Zebra...
  16. Substrate fish with Gourami, platties

    Hi, I am slowly stocking my 29 gallon freshwater tank. I had 5 serpae tetras, but after some advice from this forum, I re-homed them so that I could have a dwarf powder blue gourami. My tank currently has one male gourami, and 2 platties. My tank has 2 rock formations, (one tall and one...
  17. Free to a good home: clown loach in NJ/NYC area

    TFK Other Countries Classifieds
    Hi there! My pal Slurpy is a clown loach, about 4 inches or so: I did a little research recently to discover that he needs a bigger tank (we have only 20 gallon) and he would be happier with other loaches. I love this little guy dearly, and will only give him away to a home where I think...
  18. clown loach died...please help

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    i had 2 clown loach's and 1 died because my fighter (betta) was allways nudgeing it and chasing it.after a while it has started doing the same to my other clown i have. could someone please help me to stop this from happening again. the fighter is not doing this to any other fish just the clown...
  19. 55g Loach Tank

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi Everyone, Just want to say thanks for all the info on the forum and post some pics of a tank I'm building for my Loaches. The Skinny: 55g long tank, live plants, Eco-Complete, Black Sand, Mountain River Gravel, Coconut Husk mat, Alder Bog logs, Penny Wort, Rotala Wallichi, Parrot Feather...
  20. My fish went crazy

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Just about 2 minutes ago I turned on the light on my fish tank and one of my clown loaches just went absolutely crazy. I turned it on and then it just swam extremely fast. It scared me because it just seemed like it was panicing for some reason. It swam so fast all around the tank, back and...