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  1. Beginner Planted Aquarium
    I would really love to have some driftwood in my fish tank, but I can't find any at my pet store. There is lots of wood/driftwood in the reptile section, but I don't know if it's safe for aquaria, as it is all labled for reptile use. Some of it was mopani wood, and there were other types too...
  2. Vivariums and Reptiles
    Hi I'm debating on purchasing a terrarium any of the lower medium sized ones, not sure on dimensions yet, as in tall or wide or Normal, it's not neccisarilly furniture but just an empty space and an excuse to get a terrarium lol, so I'm deciding on something thats not to hard to look after but I...
  3. Vivariums and Reptiles
    Hello!!! I have a 15 gallon hexagon, with a Reptile lamp, (will buy appropriate bulb) and many old reptile decorations/nesscesities! I was wondering what I could put in this tank:| ?!?!?!? I was thinking perhaps a pair of crested geckos? Or pair of anoles? Or Pygmy chameleons? I really would...
  4. Vivariums and Reptiles
    Hello!!!!!! I have had much expierience with reptiles in the past, and now I'm starting new! I want to set up a new tank!! Or cage :p I really want a diverse wtank with much activity and diverse species! Currently haven't bought a tank yet, but will buy any nesscesities! And what I was...
  5. Vivariums and Reptiles
    heeloo derre:) i have a 15 gallon hex, its empty, but i want it to be full :) thats were i have a problem, idk if i would to make it an aquarium or a vivarium? land or water? some suggestions for a cool tank, perhaps lizards geckos frogs? or maybe some cool fish like cichlids, goldfish, or...
  6. Vivariums and Reptiles
    He is a red Nigerian/Saharan Uromastyx he's about eight months old he is our first experience with reptiles :) we're very excited. He's beautiful.
1-6 of 7 Results