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  1. Help: Bad Fin Nipping!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have 2 male swordtails and 1 male molly in my 20 gallon tall tank right now, and for a while they were getting along fine. The bigger swordtail (1/2 inch larger than the other) would follow around the smaller one, but nothing bad was happening. Yesterday me and my girlfriend noticed that the...
  2. New Tank

    Hi, guys, I just finished my FIRST aquarium, a 20 gallon home to 14 guppies, 2 bronze cory, a glofish, a dwarf gourami, and about 30 fry (UNINTENTIONAL). I set the tank up about a month ago and added 1 male guppy. 2 weeks later I purchased 3 other males, and 10 females. 4 days after bringing...
  3. Platy pregnacy and fry survival aid - advice needed

    My sunset fire platy surprised me by giving birth right before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the fry was eaten by one of my other fish. This was on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, though I can't remember which. No other babies were visible, granted I was gone most of the weekend. When I...
  4. Which type of livebearer is this fry?

    Thanks. Its hard to identify. Has a platy shape but my guppy was acting pregnant the day before I found this fry swimming around in my community tank.
  5. Is this mollie pregnant? What should i do?

    CAn you tell me if this mollie is pregnant. There is a black mollie (mlae) i the tank and that orange mollie(female). PLease tell me if she is pregnant and if so how far along is she. Also, is it a good idea to use a breeders net? I wanna keep the babies and my tank doesnt have very many plants...
  6. Help, Platy had 1 baby, still looks pregnant!

    My 4 month old female platy has looked very pregnant for a few weeks now and I have been watching her closely, hourly, for signs of delivery (squaring off of her belly, etc). Yesterday early evening I found her hiding, unusual for her, and one baby in the tank. She still looked extremely...
  7. Guppies- I have tons of questions!

    Sorry, I keep coming up with questions! Anyway, I am just starting to breed guppies and they are suppose to be the easiest to breed but I've never bred any other breed before and I want to be successful. I keep coming up with questions about them! 1. Are there any guppy breeders in West...
  8. Raising swordtail fry

    2 of my swordtails had fry within a couple days of each other and now i have maybe around 10 little fry swimming in the floating plants at the top of my aquarium :greenyay: Since this is my first batch i want to try and save as many as possible. Can i keep them in a small tank without a filter...
  9. Spinach for Platys

    Hi I read somewhere that you can blanch spinach and then feed it to platys as theyre herbivores and prefer this to meat. What i want to know is can you do this and can you completely repalce fish food with blanched spinach. Also,if it is used as a supplement to flake food how much should i feed...