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  1. New Aquarium Problems *I need help*

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello Tropicalfishkeeping community! I am turning to you guys for infos because the people at my local petshop are absolutely clueless about what to do in my aquarium. So let's start at the beginning. I had my aquarium for many years and everything was ok, until fish started dying for no...
  2. Lethargic Neon Tetra with white bumps on its side

    How To Use
    Hi i'm new to fish keeping and have only had my tanks for about 7 months now. Currently I only have 6 neon tetras and a male guppy, i'm planning on getting more fish in the future. I used to have more tetras, guppies and a platy but the fishstore we bought them from also sold us a Chinese Algae...
  3. Fish acting very lethargic need help!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello to all. New to this whole forum thing and i was hoping to get some help. I've been keeping fish for quite a long time but have never encountered this problem before. I have a 10 gallon grow out tank for a 2.5 inch electric blue jack dempsey, a 2 inch geophaegus surinimis (probably not...
  4. Depressed Keyhole Cichlid

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I noticed yesterday that one of my keyhole Cichlids was lethargic and sitting alot near some bog wood. It was quite darkly coloured and had turned red near the base of its pectoral fin. As a precaution I set up a quarantine tank (only a small Fluval edge I am afraid) and have moved it into...
  5. Julii and False Julii Cories Lethargic?

    Hey, I have 4 cories. I was reading the profiles, and it seems that two are Julii (dots on side), and two are Trilineatus (Lines on sides). They are in a 10 gallon tank. Low hardness, mid-low pH. Recently, they have been acting very lethargic. They still eat, and sit upright, but do not swim a...
  6. Glofish danio is acting strange

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    For the past two days, one of my danios, a green glofish, has been lethargic and not eating very much. He is not swimming with the rest of the shoal and is just staying at the top of the tank and always moving his mouth. I was thinking it could maybe be ammonia posioning? The ammonia isn't very...
  7. Betta Fin Rot and possible other diseases

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi, I had been keeping my betta in a .5 gallon tank for 7 months, I had no idea how bad it was. About a week ago, I transferred him to a new 2.5 gallon Mini bow with a filter, heater, thermometer, gravel, cave, silk plant, and a gravel siphon. It's at 80º F. The hood has a 15 watt incandescent...
  8. Lethargic paradise fish

    Hi, I've got a great little paradise fish called Garfield (because of the orange stripes). He lives in a 5L (1.5G) bow with two plants, one in a pot and one on driftwood. I've since found out this bowl is on the small side, but he was happy enough there. I change 50% of the water once a week...
  9. Pygmy Cories lethargic since introduced Endlers

    Hi, I have a relatively new aquarium (35l, planted aquarium, 2 1/2 months old, 20% water change once a week). In mid February we introduced 5 pygmy cories (not sure of sex, think 3 females and 2 males), and they were fantastic. Swimming all over the tank, playing together, and vacuuming the...