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  1. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi all, quite new to keeping an aquarium so please forgive me if I've missed something really obvious. I have a 60 litre planned tank, it's been running around 9 months and had no fish deaths until recently. In the tank I have 4 black widow tetras, 2 dwarf gourami, 4 pygmy corys, 2 rummynose...
  2. Characins
    I'm trying to put together an aquarium and was wondering if any of the following species of tetra will shoal comfortably with lemon tetras (so that I wouldn't have to get 8 of each but could instead have 8 or 9 of some combination thereof): Flame Tetra Purple Tetra Roberts Tetra
  3. Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi, Since last week one of my lemon tetra started showing red spots/sores on his tail and body. I have quarantined the tetra and treating it with anti-bacterial medicine. for last two days it looked like he is getting better but today I am seeing one more new red spot on his body. I have posted...
  4. Characins
    After hours of research I have recently added 7 Lemon Tetra to my 20 gallon tank. I think I have read enough to keep these fish alive and happy, but I would love to hear any suggestions from people who have kept these fish before. Types of food, tank mates, any personal experience with these fish?
1-4 of 4 Results