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led aquarium light

  1. LED Plant Lights and Air Pumps

    Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    Hello! I have (hopefully) going to be setting up 2 10g aquariums and a 20g long soon, and I have been wondering what would be the best equipment for this set-up. These are going to be planted tanks with no CO2, but I would like a LED hood, preferably under ~60$. I have heard decent things about...
  2. led lights instead of flourescent for 125 planted tank?

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    Hi all... I've been looking at some 125 gal tanks, (which is definately larger than anything I've ever tried) and I'm kind of worried about how deep/tall they all are. I used to have several planted tanks going and only ran into some less than "enthusiastic" plant growth when the tanks were...
  3. Newbie with a 55 gal. Saltwater tank

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    I'm very much a beginner with aquariums and super excited to start my new hobby. I recently purchased a 55 gal. saltwater tank used but in great shape, with a new Coral Life protein skimmer, new small current fan, and new bio-wheel. I have a basic 2 bulb halogen lighting system. I'd would like...
  4. LED Lights and a Planted Tank

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    I posted this in response to another thread and was asked to post a new thread, so here it is... I spent quite a while trying to figure out how to rate LED lighting and thought I'd pass on this information. Although LED's are rated in wattage in the same fashion as "normal" lighting, that...
  5. LED Aquarium Lights

    TFK Other Countries Classifieds
    Hey guys, Selling 2ft, 3ft, 4ft LED aquarium lights. The lights are available in bridgelux or CREE. Due to excessive seller fees on ebay I have moved to a website. More information can be found at LED Aquarium Lights - LED Aquarium Lights - (Powered by CubeCart) Ebay feedback can be provided...