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  1. Invertebrates
    I have a Ghost Shrimp that is pregnant and her eggs may hatch within a few days. I want to know what they eat and how I can provide it. Right now she's in a travel tank (about 16 oz) with pieces of dirty moss from a moss ball, clippings from a wisteria plant, and a snail shell with a bit of...
  2. Fish Breeding
    I recently have had my zebra danios spawn successfully! I quarantined about 10 gallons of my 30 gallon long during my weekly water change last week. I have tons of larvae and eggs still but all the free swimming babies are M.I.A....are they hiding or did they slip through the cracks and get...
  3. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    i have a 9 inch dinosaur eel that has been in the tank for about a month. he eats plenty and is pretty mellow, but has always had little freak-outs on the occasion (including gulping for air). He likes to hang out in this rock with a hole in it, and it seemed like he had residue on his body...
1-3 of 3 Results