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  1. I think my yellow lab is holding eggs, Please advise

    So I've had my 55 gal. Tank set up for almost a year now and have enjoyed watching 4 yellow lags, 3 Red Zebras (one orange in color, two larger pinkish/white in color) and 2 Salousi grow up from juvenile's to adults. The fish all seem to get along fine, the occasional, fighting here and there...
  2. Help Breeding Yellow Lab Cichlids.

    Fish Breeding
    anyone have any tips or help for me? I have been conditioning very well for the past 2 1/2 months. I have added salt and increased the tank temp to 79 degrees F. Nitrates are a bit high even after water changes. I added a pleco and another HOB filter. so that should take it down with no problem...