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  1. 60ltr new tank

    Aquarium Photography
    T -7 and counting I can't wait to set up my new tank. I'm just planning in my head what I need to get before I start in 7 days. Tank I have my 60ltr clear seal aquarium, complete with hood and stand. Lighting I have a lamp, need to check the type and colour range. Filtration I have two...
  2. Adventure in pico reefing- 2.5

    Nano Reef
    Well, after much research, my 2.5 gallon pico reef in finally set up! I have 1.5 inches of live argonite, and I'm going to pick up some live rock today! I have a 3 gallonair powered filter running on it, mostly for oxygen and water movement. My light is a 10 watt multicolour LED made of 3...
  3. Substrate swap journal

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have a coloured gravel substrate in both of my tanks. Three main reasons I am switching to a sand substrate: 1. I have Schwartzs cory (Corydoras schwartzi). Sand will make them more comfortable. 2. I have 2 amazon swords, a wide leaf sag (Chilensis), and two something that look like ludwigia...