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  1. Advice on my first tank purchase!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi guys/gals, I want to get into fish keeping but am concerned that the tanks I am limited to are going to be a bit on the small size. Due to apartment layout etc. the biggest tank I can have is 3' x 1' x ? (L x D x H). I have therefore been looking at the Jewel Rekord 700 which is 70L/15G and...
  2. Fluctuating pH levels?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Yesterday my tank was reading a 7.6 pH. I have two Jewel Cichlids, so I wanted to bring it down to 7 pH. I added a Tetra Correct pH 7.0 tablet, and it brought the water down to the correct level. I tested it this morning, and it's back up to 7.6 pH! What the heck is going on? Those tablets...
  3. New Jewel Cichlid owner here

    First of all, hello! After a little research, I bought two Jewel Cichlids today, and I love them. I've named them Kimchi and Yakatori :mrgreen: Here's my tank: First Tank - 10 gallon Freshwater fish tank My question is, what's the best temperature and pH balance to keep the tank at...
  4. Jewels & Bumblebee's

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this site, I have a few questions regarding my tank. Here are the specs - 40G hexagon tank, gravel, fake plants, sponge/carbon filter, 78-82 degree F, PH 7.5. NH3 & NH4 within acceptable limits, brackish water. Tank is about 3 months old 7 Jewel Cichlid ranging 2inch...
  5. Breeding jewel cichlids?

    Fish Breeding
    Hi everyone. I have had 6 jewel cichlids in my 63 gallon tank for a few months now. They are a couple of years old I think and in the last few days one of them has just stayed inside a certain cave while a larger on just guards the cave all day and chases off anyone who comes near. Would this...