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  1. Cichlids
    I thought that it would be fun, though a bit scary, to hand-feed worms to my 8 inch long Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. He is everyone's favorite fish, but he's a bit of a bully. So, he lives in a tank by himself because he eats anything that goes in with him. It's a great video that I am sure you...
  2. Cichlids
    This is the largest fish in my fish room, he is also the meanest fish I have ever owned. He will not tolerate any other creature in his tank. Even snails fall victim to his wrath. So, he lives alone! However, he is incredibly smart and beautiful. When he passes I will probably cry, and he will...
  3. Cichlids
    This is my first forum of any kind, but I am a little concerned. I have a 50 gallon tank with 2-3" convicts, 2-5" jack dempseys, and about 6 other variety of African and n American cichlids. I've had the tank set up from a move about 6 months ago, all was well, and in the business of the summer...
  4. Cichlids
    I just got a 90 Gallon tank that I want to turn into a large cichlid tank. Ideally I'd want to put a Electric Blue Jack Dempsey in with a Oscar, then have some sort of large pleco at the bottom. Would this work or would one fish kill off the other? I wanted these two cause the electric blue is...
  5. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    My 55 is cycling right now The current stock list I was hoping to get for my 55 is: 1 Senegal Bichir 3 Pictus Catfish 1 Jack Dempsey Will they be ok together? Please only answer if you are an experienced fish keeper :-?
  6. Cichlids
    My Jack Dempsey Electric Blue has finally (or should I say already) reached the size when he needs to get rehomed into a larger tank. I'm setting up a 55G, sand substrate, driftwood, random stones and live plants. I read that he may dig them up, I'll take my chances. He is not interested in the...
  7. Cichlids
    Hey again all, So I'm having a little issue with "Jackie" my female Jack Dempsey. I have had her since around May and she's always been top dog in our tank. I have a 55G with 2 Jack Dempseys, a Blood Parrot and a Pleco. The second Jack Dempsey was brought home at the end of June and at first...
  8. Cichlids
    Hey to all, I just recently purchased another Jack Dempsey for my tank, the girl at the store told me it is a male but I'm not sure I'm convinced. Could someone please help me identify the lighter one in the pictures below. After looking at pictures of my first JD when he was brought home...
  9. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    HI I just adopted 2 Jack Dempseys from my neighbor, he decided to downsize. Now I have them!YAY!! From what I can tell they are a bonded pair. They are full of color and have not shown any aggression with each other. ( been a week ) They look so much better than when he had them....wink wink.;-)...
  10. Cichlids
    Looking for any advice on successfully raising EBJDs. I have 3 currently around 3cm (1 1/4"). Have them in my little quarantine tank with daily water changes. Really want them to make it considering how $$$ they are not to mention how stunning they become. Got plenty advice from the breeder...
  11. Fish Breeding
    I have been trying to breed them but I'm having a hard time because this one is always fighting with the other guy/girl and never get along, the other one is always hiding I'll try to snap some pics later for ID, thanks.
  12. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    For Christmas I got a new 56 gallon tank for my angelfish, 7 glow fish and golden chinese algea eater. Now I want to get a fish to put in my 20 gallon once more and have decided that I wanted some type of cichlid. Currently in my house we have 4 fish tanks, a 60 gallon with cichlids, 56 gallon...
  13. Cichlids
    Hi i have a 55g with 1 JD 6in and 1 pleco 4in and 1 black mystery snail that is big enough not to get eaten. I have had my JD for about 4 months and he has always been a very spunky fish, as soon as i would approach the tank he would swim up and down eager for food, for the past 3 days he has...
  14. Cichlids
    Introduced a Electric Yellow 2" to my tank after researching a bit about them, being fairly tame as far as Africans go and quite easy to look after. The 'main players' in my tank are a Jack Dempsey 2.5", 2 Firemouths 2" and a Red Tail Black Shark 2.5". Being an alkaline tank I gave it a shot...
  15. Cichlids
    Hi i currently have a JD in a 55g tank. My friends has a 125g tank and has 2 oscars and 3 JDs he has geckos on his patio and he feedes them to his fish! Is this bad for the fish at all? i know it is cruel but i want to let him know if it is bad for them so that he will stop?
  16. Cichlids
    Hi I would like to hand feed my JD and teach him tricks. I would like to know how i go about doing this and if he bites me will it draw blood? Tell me about your JDs and what they used to do and how you taught them.
  17. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Will 1 JD and 1 CP work in a 55g tank? how much maitnence am I looking at?
  18. Cichlids
    Whats your favorite? I have a 55g with too many fish in it and i am going to end up with just JD or a GT, which one should i stick with and why? Need feedback? What do you guys prefer? Which one will look better?
  19. Cichlids
    Hi i have a 55 gallon tank with 2 convict 4in, 1 green terror 4in, 1 jack dempsey 4in, and 1 common pleco 2in. My convicts rule the tank and are good buddys it looks like, they are both males along with all my other cichlids, I do not have a really severe aggression problem in the tank just that...
  20. Cichlids
    Hi i have a 55 gallon tank with 1 large canister filter and one medium waterfall filter, i was reading on the internet that you can only have 1 JD in a 55 gallon tank and i was wondering if this was true and what you guys think? Also i want to know if i can also fit a pleco in the tank?
1-20 of 22 Results