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  1. Invertebrates
    I've googled this many times, but only found an article or two that mildly suggested thei invasive potential. So are they? I'm currently in the Philippines, got hold of a few, and managed to get around a dozen of them. Am thinking about selling it back to my LFS...but the invasive factor makes...
  2. Invertebrates
    How do you tell male and female apple snails apart? Ive heard of a 'penis sheath' but havent been able to find any pictures, or explanation.. Any thoughts are welcome!
  3. Invertebrates
    SSA-Self Sustaining Aquarium Hi guys, so i have been trying to start a self sustaining aquarium for some time now and i keep failing so i would like anyone with any professional advice or experience on this to help me out please. I started out my aprox 1/2 gallon tank(picture attached) with 1...
1-3 of 4 Results