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    Hi there! So I got an aquarium of 54 liters filled with : 7 neon tetras 3 algae eaters (one bigger male, two smaller ones without visible gender traits) 11 neocardinas 3 female guppies and a male 1 male xiphophorus 1 female betta I know I know, it is a very random collection. At first...
  2. Hello all you wonderful people

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    ..and others, as the case may be... I just signed up. It's been a beautiful day to stay home and indoors. Board crazy but cheerful none the less.:shock: I have but one 10 gallon tank with 2 tiny algae eating fish and 3 fiddler crabs one red claw crab dozens of ghost shrimp lots of Malaysian...
  3. Hello!

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    I've been hiding in the shadows around here for quite a while, and finally made an account a few months ago. I forgot about it until today, but I'm here now and that's what counts. :-P My name is Abby, and I'm a proud owner of three Betta fish. It's a long winter up here in Vermont, but (with a...
  4. Newbie to the fish world

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    Hello Everyone, My name is Jon and I live with my soon to be wife, she going to school for Marine Biology and thought this would be a perfect hobby for us to start. The only fish I've ever owned was a beta fish (super easy) We decided to get a 55 gal. saltwater tank and take on the challenge of...
  5. ~Greetings from Alaska~

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    Hey everyone, My name is Dan and I'm from Alaska. I discovered my passion for fish keeping when I slowly commandeered my sister's fish. She had a Betta in a bowl (tisk tisk) but didn't know any better. I fell in love with the fish and began doing research. I ended up getting a real aquarium...
  6. 20 Gal Marineland Biowheel with LED hand me down

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    Greetings all! I am excited joining this forum and looking forward to gaining more knowledge and insight into being a better aquarist. I have kept fish as a hobby for a long time. (3 - 4 years in the US, and 3 - 4 years in India) Now that I have 2 active tanks (a 10 gal and a 20 gal) with a...
  7. Hey Ya'll!

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    Hey there and hiya, I'm so glad to have stumbled on this site, just when I was about to start raving about guppies, fry and how I go about saving them all ( drooling was soon to follow, along with giggling hysterically and acquiring a talent in the art of basket weaving ) so good for me, bad...
  8. Another new member

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    A belated "hi" everybody (I've already posted a barrage of questions:-D). I had a 40-litre tank for a few years but I got sick and didn't replace the fish as they died and eventually packed it away when I lost the last one. I recently decided to restock it but I found a crack in it so I bought...
  9. New member

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    Hello! I'm Brittany, I'm 14, and I've been keeping and maintaining aquariums since I was very young. My current pets are: 1 puppy (Miki = half Japanese Chin and Pomerianian) 1 crowntail betta 1 rosy barb 1 opaline gourami 1 gold barb 1 red platy 1 sunset platy Pets I have cared for in the...