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  1. Hello from Miami

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi my name is Edwin or Sir Speedy :grin2: I just join and hope to be an active member. I’ve been keeping tanks for about 10 years now. I’ll be starting a thread build soon. As for my current set up I have a 100 Gallon mixed reef tank at work. Unfortunately, because of hurricane Irma I lost...
  2. hello and thank you to the community!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello! I'm from New York originally, but am currently living in Virginia. I had tropical fish growing up and had kept a goldfish for about sixteen years until he died this year. I started a 36 gallon aquarium six weeks ago. I got out cycled with advice from this community, who I must thank for...
  3. Greetings from Indiana!

    Introduce Yourself
    I've just started aquarium-keeping as a hobby, though I researched it for like, 4 months beforehand. (I didn't want to get the tank until I moved out, and that took longer than I expected.) I'm starting to cycle my very first tank! It's a 5.5 gallon (it was the top-fin kit-thingy that came with...
  4. Hello!! :)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey! I'm new here. I am the proud owner of 2 young red eared sliders. They are adorable ^_^ They are currently in a 20 gallon tall tank. They just upgraded after a move and are quite excited for all the extra room. I am looking into aquatic plants for the tank. These are my first turtles. I've...