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  1. Badly Injured Betta

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    My little female betta got stuck in a decoration in her tank (it's a 2 gallon tank with a tetra 3i filter, marimo ball, heater, and decor that has been her temp home while I get the 25 gal ready). She has a circular injury (including some missing scales) where she was stuck, fear stripes...
  2. Mystery Snail Foot Injury or Disease?

    Because of my fondness for mystery snails - a friend recently gave me her "sick" blue mystery snail with the hopes of me being able to help - however, I have never seen anything like this before and need some help figuring out what to do/what is going on! From my understanding, she had this...
  3. Injured Black Sailfin Molly

    I hope this is in the right place and someone can help me out quickly. ^^; I have a male Black Sailfin molly, who, next to my Dalmation Lyretail Male is the pride of my tank. I think I know WHY he was injured, but I am not sure how to help(I had too many boys in the tank, but I am working on...
  4. Possibly injured apple snail..?

    I just did a rescape on my tank, and a few hours later found my apple snail like this. Could i have hurt her? Or maybe one of the fish? there are nine guppies and two rosy red minnows. Also a BN pleco and a RN pleco. Anyone seen this before? Here are some vids too. Snail with curly antennea...
  5. oscar with bubbles!?

    i just got home from work and my tiger oscar was swimming around with like a film of bubbles around the underneath of his body and some scuff marks. as i came up to the tank, he started swimming around and they came off. are they bad??? was he attacked? were they eggs? i have an albino oscar in...
  6. My goldfish injured please help

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    So my fish got stuck between two rocks this afternoon when I went to school and when I got back from school I released him and now he has bad injures on his body! Is there anyway to cure him? Injures include- Broken scales Missing scales Red spots (I'm guessing it's kinda like a scab but fish...