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  1. Help! corydoras habrosus traumatized by filter

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello guys. I've had fish for years but usually neon tetras or guppies. I used to have a pleco but he got big (never believe petco) and started to eat my other fish, so I didn't want to go through that again. This time around I wanted to try cory catfish. Since I only have a 10 gallon I thought...
  2. #HELP, Bala shark (Silver Shark) Injured

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I just got an aquarium few days ago its 3 by 1 ft pictures attached. Today morning just saw my bala sharked has a injury on the left side as in pictures idk what or how did he got it but it has stopped eating and kind of feeling stressed aftter looking closely it looks like it has scratched it...
  3. Pygmy Cory Injury!

    I got 6 new pygmy corys on Saturday and one hurt himself today! He was exploring the driftwood and tried to follow a tiny shrimp into a very small hole. It didn't go so well and his tail got caught. The top half of it is now missing. He's still swimming well, able to keep up with the others and...
  4. Cichlid stuck in hiding place with gash on its belly

    I have an African Cichlid that is seemingly stuck in this coral hiding place. I have tried getting it out but it won't budge. The worrying thing is that it has this bloodless gash on its underside. It is roughly oval shaped and the color of the rest of its underside with a darker, deeper spot...
  5. Injured Black Sailfin Molly

    I hope this is in the right place and someone can help me out quickly. ^^; I have a male Black Sailfin molly, who, next to my Dalmation Lyretail Male is the pride of my tank. I think I know WHY he was injured, but I am not sure how to help(I had too many boys in the tank, but I am working on...
  6. blue johanni with wound behind fin, what to do?

    hello i have an adult blue johanni with a wound right behind his fin i would say its like his fin pit... kinda it looks like a rip but the actual fin has no damage in fact he hasn't a scratch or nip on him at all.... i put some melafix in the water and added a bit of salt but what else should be...