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heater failure

  1. Cobalt Aquatics heater died, in process of warranty replace

    Aquarium Products Reviews
    Just a head's up, Cobalt Aquatics is kinda new on the block, so I gave them a go with trying their EasyTherm 75 watt heater. I purchased it October 7th 2014, and it died last week, first spiking a high temp in the tank, then dying completely. However, it has only taken me 3 days to get a RMA...
  2. Gone thru three heaters in one month! What is going on?!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I've had three heaters fail on me in the last month. The first two were Aqueon and the latest a Marineland Stealth Pro. All of these heaters worked fine for about a week. After that they would not put out heat although they still had lights indicating they were receiving electricity. What the...