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  1. Angelfish Death; kH always Low

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi! Long post is long. Input much appreciated! My 60 US Gallon has been running since last summer, over a year now. I usually do 20% water change once a week, but today I did a 30% water change because last night, sometime after lights off my angelfish died. He was a black marble angel with red...
  2. How Much Crushed Coral

    I have a 125g with Africans and my filter is an FX5. Everything is in tip top shape except for the water is pretty soft(GH: 6, KH:4) and my ph could be a bit higher(it's at 7.6). I bought some Caribsea Curshed Coral and have read that you can put some in the filter with pantyhose. How much...
  3. River Stones and GH / KH

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I just added about fourteen medium sized river stones to my 20-gal tank. I don't know precisely what types of stone they are. Bought them at my LFS. They were packaged and labeled as river stones for ponds and planters. They appear tumbled... rounded and very smooth. I doused them with...
  4. 46g bow; high ph, high dph

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I just recently set up my 46g bow. Smart me, didn't test the ph before I set up the tank and now I noticed that my ph is about 8.0 and gh is about 22 dph. After doing some fish research, live bearers are about my only choice without putting in buffers. I've had guppies, swordtails, etc. and...
  5. CO2 and Water hardness

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hey does anyone understand and could they explain how co2 reduces water hardness? Im a bit dim on this one! Bill
  6. How can you find out the hardness of aquarium water?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have a API Freshwater Master Test Kit that shows me the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, and high pH levels of my water. I was wondering how to tell the hardness of the water because under a lot of the fish profiles here it says they need certain degree of soft/hard water. Thanks. Ps. Is there...
  7. water parameters, hardness concerns

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello! I have had several non planted tanks in the past and have now decided to set up my first planted tank. After much research I thougth I had everything planed out for a low light non co2 tank. My last decision was on using tap water or mixing it with RO water. I have researched PH and...
  8. New to Discus, PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hey, So i've been wanting to move onto discus keeping for a while now, and out of the blue someone messaged me about a swap from my tropical fish (oscars, parrots, angels etc.) and i jumped at the chance, i now have 9 discus in my 350l tank, with a few plecs and gourami's. I've made sure the...
  9. Local water quality

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    So I've been looking into the water quality of my city to determine how it'll affect my fish/plants. Couple questions: I've seen terms like KH, GH, etc, but not quite sure what they stand for. Also, would I need to contact the water company for this info? Found an interesting publication put...
  10. Preventative measures against bacteria?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Tank Info: 29 gal long nitrate/nitrite 0 pH ~8.0 water: very hard (used jungle testing kit, it turns dark brown and the level number underneath says 1000?) I do a 25% water change weekly, last one was today. Temp is at 78 F No live plants. Marineland penguin 200 (50gal) set on low and Topfin...
  11. Advice needed regarding testing water parameters

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Could some of you Big Brothers and Sisters weigh in on testing the waters? In all the ways that we should monitor a freshwater tank, from pH to GH, NH3, etc. In particular I would like to know: 1. If one will need to run lots of tests, what is the most cost...
  12. pH fluctuation hardness around 3

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I'm not particularly worried about this and wouldn't consider it a "problem", but I am curious as to what occurred (or is occurring) to cause this change in pH. First, some background: 43g tank (actual water content), Flourite sand substrate, moderately planted (8 or so Echinodorus sp., a...