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habrosus cory

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  1. Catfish
    So, I currently have a small group of habrosus cory (had 5, one died yesterday, so now just 4), and they are pretty small all about 1/2" (the smallest was the one that died, he was about 1/4"!). I love my little cories, but in my tank (29 gal) that is a lot of space for 4 itty bitty cory, and...
  2. Brackish Water
    I have a bumblebee goby (99% certain it's xanthozona, instead of nunus, etc., perfect stripes rather than broken lines or spots and doing fabulously in freshwater). A lot of what I read says bumblebee gobies will spend the majority of their time hiding. When I first got my bee (close to a...
1-2 of 2 Results