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  1. Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi this is my first time posting on one of these but I just can't find someone who has a similar problem to mine. So for starters I'll tell you about the tank it's a ten gallon with an amazon sword (I've been adding 1 ml of flourish to the tank to help it grow, also some snails that hitched...
  2. Ancient Fish
    I checked all of my levels, all are fine. I've never had a guppy, so I was wondering if this is normal behavior. I have an air pump and a filter. I honestly don't think it's shock. I've introduced fish to aquariums before and I know how it works. Literally the only behavior I have seen is that...
  3. Livebearers
    Sorry, I keep coming up with questions! Anyway, I am just starting to breed guppies and they are suppose to be the easiest to breed but I've never bred any other breed before and I want to be successful. I keep coming up with questions about them! 1. Are there any guppy breeders in West...
1-3 of 3 Results