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  1. Gouramis with Platys and a Bolivian Ram

    I am getting ready to transfer a betta to a smaller tank, from a 20gal to a 10gal and I'm thinking about adding a Gourami to the 20gal, but I'm curious if there are any that would get along with the platys and bolivian I have in the tank right now. While I wouldn't mind a Blue Gourami, but my...
  2. Blue Cichlids

    Hello ! We just bought ourselves a pair of blue zebra cichlids. they're 1/2 an inch now and they're in a 1X1/2x1/2 tank with six other guppies. i have a bigger tank with a rainbow shark (3 inches) , a pair of kissing gouramis (3 inches) and a neon tetra with a glowtail tetra. i need help...
  3. advice and info on new fish to add

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    hi... I decided to post a thread on here because I need some advice and I've already exhausted all my fishkeeping books. I have a very small tropical fish tank (at least small compared to most tanks.) The dimensions are roughly 18 x 8 x 10 inches. I know you're all going to tell me thats way too...
  4. My Gouramis died and I can't determine the cause.

    I am a new 10 gal. aquarium owner. I performed tests on my water for a few days before stocking it with fish and found all levels to be normal, aside from hard water and a bit of alkalinity. I purchased 6 fish, one of which was a gouramis. Within 6 hours it had died, not only that, but it's body...