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  1. New Brackish Tank Suggestions

    Brackish Water
    Hi, I am setting up a 55 Gallon brackish water tank. My original plan was to have bala sharks, pictus cats, glass cats and chinese algea eaters along with a few shrimp in with a violet goby. I know that the bala sharks will need more room eventually and was planning to change everyone over to a...
  2. Fish Only Tank

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    I am going to have my 37G rectangle fish only tank starting up in the next 3 months, my plans go like this: Tank: 37 G rectangular tank Filters: Penguin 200 Bio Wheel and API Nexx 55gal or Filstar XP Small (please give me feedback on which canister filter is better) Lighting: LED: 42 white / 3...
  3. Suggestions on what's going on with my new Violet Goby?

    Ancient Fish
    So I picked up this guy today but he's unlike any violet goby I've had. He's gray and has green spots. Does anyone think that maybe it's algae or is it possibly a skin condition that he picked up from his previous owners? I'm a little concerned. My gobies have always been a bright purple tint...
  4. My neon blue goby won't eat!

    Ancient Fish
    I bought a neon blue goby from Jack's Aquarium about a month ago. Hearing these guys are herbivores I bought some green seaweed for him(did not like that the first ingredient in any algae wafers was fish meal...). I have yet to ever see him eat and it looks like he is getting thinner. Should I...
  5. 55 Brackish

    Freshwater Journals
    Here are some pics of my 55 Brackish....just stocked it today. They will be moving to a 150 that is at my shop someday, but for now I want them at home. I'm weird, but I hate having fish at work, I hate that I have to leave them alone on the weekends or when I'm not working, lol. My apartment...
  6. Will a Snowflake Eel eat a Watchman Goby and Pistol Shrimp?

    Saltwater Fish
    Hello, first post. Well here is the deal, I am thinking of building a larger(above 100gal) plexiglass aquarium and I wanted to stock it with a Snowflake Eel, Watchman Goby, and a Pistol Shrimp. Perhaps a couple of ID sharks but I doubt it. Now my question is, will the eel eventually eat the...