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  1. Suggestions on what's going on with my new Violet Goby?

    Ancient Fish
    So I picked up this guy today but he's unlike any violet goby I've had. He's gray and has green spots. Does anyone think that maybe it's algae or is it possibly a skin condition that he picked up from his previous owners? I'm a little concerned. My gobies have always been a bright purple tint...
  2. Any tips for a good saltwater tank mate?

    Saltwater Fish
    I'm going to get a 30-gallon saltwater tank. Its going to be a FOWLR tank with 30 lbs. of live rock. I also want 2 tank-raised ocellaris clownfish and 2 tank-raised green clown gobies. 1.) Do any more fish fit? 2.) If so, what do you recommend and how many?(Not another type of clownfish)...