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  1. Betta fin fungus? Polyps??

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Preamble: Hello all, I have a betta in a 3-gal "walstad" bowl. Very low tech (just a light); very heavily planted. The water parameters are fine, as is expected in an established NPT. The betta is probably about 2.5 to 3 years old (i'm not sure, he's a rescue), and the bowl has been set up for...
  2. 2 dead fish

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello all, I recently bought my 20 gallon fishtank, probably about 2 months ago. I've had no problems until recently. I bought an upside down catfish, 2 marble mollies, and 3 more tiger barbs. Yesterday, I found one of my marble mollies and my catfish dead. My catfish was covered in white...
  3. My Male Fancy Guppies' Tails are Deteriorating

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi I have a 30 gallon tank set up with a filter and a heater set at about 78 degrees. I have all fancy guppies in there and that's only 10. I bought a few new ones (still makes it ten) yesterday and today I came home to find that there are three of them with loss of color and the tails are...
  4. Fish disease ID?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Can any one ID the disease on the fish? Its a big white lump just below the gill. Looks like a small mushroom. How can i cure it? Pictures
  5. Columnaris Angel??

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I'm devastated my angel is sick! He looked like he has ich and fungus Friday, but within a few hours it looked it like almost disappeared. I still went out and got tetra fungus guard and have been treating him since. I just did a 30% water change, and noticed my ammonia is a bit high. My ph is...
  6. Previously established tank, cycling problems.

    Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    Hi Tropical Fish Keeping community, I have a significant quibble for you all, that I sincerely hope you can help me with. I have had a 90l tropical tank for about 18mths now and over 6 months ago I killed all the good bacteria I managed to re-cycle the tank after 6weeks and about 2000l...
  7. betta with fungus on fin

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    My female betta in a 10g sorority with 3 other bettas appears to have finrot and some fungus on the end. The other bettas look good (aside from some nipped fins) and I was wondering hwo to treat her. I have live plants and don't want to harm them so I was thinking I could give her salt baths?? I...
  8. White/Opaque Growth Bacteria/Fungus??

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have a 55 Gal Aquarium which I havent put any fish into yet because I am cycling the tank (Fishless Cycle with Ammonia). Im about 2 and half weeks into the Cycling phase and I notice this..... its like a white growth on the rubber suction cup of my water circulator. (also noticed it on the...
  9. Black Molly sick, possibly Ich, Velvet or some type of fungus?? help!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    1. Size of tank? 10Gal 2. Water parameters a. Ammonia? 0 b. Nitrite? 0 - 0.1 c. Nitrate? 4 - 6ish (looks like its rising, due for a water change anyways) d. pH, KH and GH? pH 7.4 e. Test kit? API 3. Temperature? usually around 79ish, raised to 84 - 86 due to illness 4. FW (fresh water) or BW...
  10. very stubon fungus looking growths on neon tetras yet not on other fish

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    hi i will say sorry now for not reading other post as i have a disability that mega limits how fast i can read i am no novice looked after my dads 800 liter and 2x 80 liter tanks since a very young age now at 24 i have my own setup 4FT tropical tank (147 liters approx) now i will...
  11. Wound on gold gourami :( please help!(pics)

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I have a ten gallon freshwater tank with one gold and one blue gourami. I just looked in to feed my fish and sudden there's this large mass or wound protruding from the gold gourami's side! I'm sorry I did not test the water parameters yet but I will after I finish typing this. The aquarium has...
  12. FUNGUS?? -dead fish conundrum

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    OK, so here is the background info: I buy all of my fish at Big al's because I have never had any problems with getting sickly fish from them. So I recently added 7 green rasbora's to my fish tank (Microrasbora kubotai). My fish tank spec's were as follows: Fish: 6 harlequin rasboras; Rasbora...
  13. Ugh. Neon Tetra fungus

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I just got a new school of neon tetras to replace one that had been wiped out by improper ich treatment. I discovered last night that one of them has some kind of fungus. It's a small white slightly furry patch on one side of his body at the base and just below the dorsal fin. What's the...
  14. cotton substance on my fish

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I have a Shubunkin that has some sort of white cotton like substance on is side. I am a newbie and would like any information possible form how to treat to preventing this for the future. If anyone has any ideas I would love to have our help. Thank You Gary
  15. black skirt tetra is sick

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello, I have a 30 gallon tank with some cardinal tetras, a molly, a gourami, and 3 black skirt tetras. the tank is healthy, well established, good ph, temp, etc. I do 25% water changes weekly and treat the water I add to it. My problem is one of my black skirt tetras has a disease on it's...
  16. Fungus?

    My boyfriend has in his preschool room: 5 gallon tan kwith two guppies, a small cory catfish, a snail, and some other fish - rasboro something. Oh and a danio. He was laid off work for a couple weeks and was unable to clean the tank, so it got overgrown with algae. Now he thinks the catfish has...
  17. Does my bogwood have Ich??

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    Hi everyone! My bogwood - which has been in the tank for several months now, has recently developed white spots - about the size of a pin-head. These are spreading rapidly and starting to look unsightly. Does anyone have any idea what this is and how to treat it? :BIGnervous:
  18. I have a bugs in my freshwater aquarium!!!!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hey Everyone, First time posting. Two weeks ago my Bala Shark showed signs of ICK. I treated the tank with Mardel. Did everything I was suppose to, then 'Elvis' the Bala Shark died. My 2 Angelfishes started acting weird. I went to another pet store and got Quik Cure. Well, the next day 1 of them...
  19. Very sick red devil - HELP! :(

    Hi. I'm new here, so bear with me. I have a 12 year old red devil that has suddenly taken a turn for the worst. His appetite has significantly decreased in the past week and he has been very lethargic, staying in one corner of the tank, nose up. I have struggled with hole in the head with him...