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  1. Danios have babies. HELP!!!

    Fish Breeding
    Okay, so I have baby danios in a twenty-gallon tank w/ a sponge filter. The problem is that I have been in self lockdown for six weeks and am unable to get to the tank to care for them; they are six weeks old. I removed the all fish before leaving to go into lockdown but the danios bred. It is...
  2. Is my balloon molly pregnant?

    Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    I got 3 balloon mollies (2 female, 1 male) just over a week ago and my one female looks noticeably fatter than the rest. She is showing some signs of pregnancy but she would be my first pregnant fish and I just want to make sure.. Also the only other tank that I can set up is a 5 gallon. I have...
  3. New molly had a baby! What next?!

    Fish Breeding
    Alright so here's my current situation: I've had a ten gallon tank for about three months now. It's heated and has a filter, and is home to my male betta Oscar, and two female betta. Yesterday I decided to add three small mollys to the tank to complete it; one male and two females. I left the...
  4. Taking care of platy fry?

    We discovered some fry in our 48 gal and instead of leaving them alone like we usually do, we've decided to try to keep them alive. There are 5 fry in a breeder box right now, and at least 2 I've seen that need to be put in there. One of the fry in the breeder box can't really swim; it just lays...
  5. Guppy Fry Tank Maintenence

    Fish Breeding
    The day after I brought my four pet female guppies home, I had around 30 baby guppy fry in the tank. Rather than trying to fish out all the fry, I just took the adults out and set them up in another tank. I also took out the filter as I was afraid the fry would get killed in it. What do I do...
  6. Need help with newborn molly fry

    Fish Breeding
    Hi friends, i got a new Molly from the store and within a couple of hours, she gave birth to 19 Molly fry. I have temporarily moved them to a new medium sized Fish Bowl (seperated from their mother). What should i do next? I have crushed the foodpellets and given it to them. Also i hav given a...
  7. Danio Fry Tank

    Fish Breeding
    Found a bunch of Zebra Danio fry after I siphoned my tank, and decided to try to grow them up. I have them in a 2.5 gal right now, with Oak leaves, drift wood with java moss on it, anacharis, and dwarf water lettuce. Temp stays 75-80 ish, PH approx 7.0, medium hardness. I feed them a...
  8. Will my platy still give birth to a fry?

    Hi everyone, I have some doubts regarding birth cycle of my panda platy but before that i will give you a brief of my tank. I have a 10g tank. In that I have 2 panda platy, 1 zebra danio, 1 algea eater. Tank is full step up with heater, filter, thermometer, light, artificial plants and one...
  9. Raising swordtail fry

    2 of my swordtails had fry within a couple days of each other and now i have maybe around 10 little fry swimming in the floating plants at the top of my aquarium :greenyay: Since this is my first batch i want to try and save as many as possible. Can i keep them in a small tank without a filter...