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  1. albino African clawed frog tried to eat cory

    Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    I have two albino African clawed frogs. Both are around half a year old (from the time I purchased them). After some many months of having Cory catfish as a sort of clean-up crew, one of my frogs thought it was a good idea to try eating one of the corys (the biggest one of the two, of course)...
  2. What should I do with my fire belly tank?

    Vivariums and Reptiles
    I have a fire belly newt/frog tank (OMG I SAID FROG INSTEAD OF TOAD HOW DARE I lol I call them frogs because they are technically frogs and calling them toads annoy me) that looks quit sad. I worked really hard on the tubaware land, as sad as it looks, and am planning on keeping it. I don't...
  3. African Dwarf Frogs eating! [video =] ]

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    IMG_1769.MOV - YouTube FYI, they are both female, and both 1.5 inches long.. Questions, comments, advice, sharing of your own Aquatic Frog[s] very much welcomed! =] [[Wow! They are actually CLAWED FROGS. Jeez, I put dwarf! They are so not dwarfs!]]
  4. Reptile enclosure mixing.. :)

    Vivariums and Reptiles
    Hello!!!!!! I have had much expierience with reptiles in the past, and now I'm starting new! I want to set up a new tank!! Or cage :p I really want a diverse wtank with much activity and diverse species! Currently haven't bought a tank yet, but will buy any nesscesities! And what I was...
  5. 15 gallon hex... what am i gonna do?

    Vivariums and Reptiles
    heeloo derre:) i have a 15 gallon hex, its empty, but i want it to be full :) thats were i have a problem, idk if i would to make it an aquarium or a vivarium? land or water? some suggestions for a cool tank, perhaps lizards geckos frogs? or maybe some cool fish like cichlids, goldfish, or...
  6. African Dwarf Frog Mating??

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I think I may have just interupted my African Dwarf Frogs Mating. At first it looked like the little one was attacking the bigger one. The bigger one was upside down and the little one was bear hugging it. So I got a net and scooped them out and put them in a separate bowl. After that I...
  7. Gourami, angels, frog, comet, sick help Pics

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I have a 20 gallon tank with 2 angels (3" & 4"), an African clawed frog (2"), a comet (3.75"), an Opaline gourami (3.5"), and a bristle nose pleco (7" hides under a treasure chest all day except for food) and I know my tank is crowded but I'm working on that. Ive had the tank for almost a year...