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  1. Are yellow and regal tangs compatible?

    Saltwater Fish
    I've heard that tangs usually don't get along. However, I've also heard that members of different genus' can get along, and that regal tangs are usually peaceful. Can a yellow tang and a regal tang get along in a 75 gallon tank with lots of rockwork? If not, which is the recommended one?
  2. Any tips for a good saltwater tank mate?

    Saltwater Fish
    I'm going to get a 30-gallon saltwater tank. Its going to be a FOWLR tank with 30 lbs. of live rock. I also want 2 tank-raised ocellaris clownfish and 2 tank-raised green clown gobies. 1.) Do any more fish fit? 2.) If so, what do you recommend and how many?(Not another type of clownfish)...
  3. Re-Will these fish get along???

    2-part question: 1.) Will 2 angel fish, 4 male molly fish, and 6 cory cats get along in a 55-gallon tank? Is it too small? 2.) Will 2 small blood parrots, 4 male molly fish, and 6 cory cats get along in a 55-gallon tank? Is it too small?
  4. Growth inside frontosa's mouth

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi people, my frontosa seems to have this weird growth inside it's mouth, i initially thought it was pellets that he didn't swallow but a day has passed and it's still there. it looks like two round eggs inside his mouth. btw i only noticed this yesterday, before that it looked fine. any idea...
  5. My 55 Gallon Tank

    Freshwater Journals
    Heres a video of my tank. My 55 Gallon Tank
  6. Freshwater Flounder

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hey guys, I'm very new to this place but, I think it's soon going to be my favorite website ever....anyway. I just obtained a Freshwater Flounder from a friend who couldn't keep it anymore, he had it in freshwater. But now that I'm reading up on it, it says it needs to be kept in a tank with...