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  1. My harlequin rasbora is sick

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi all, I am writing to you today because I need help with one of my fish. I do not know exactly what he has. I thought it was ich so I treated him for 4 days with mardell quick cure. It seemed to be okay when I transferred him back to the main tank. He has a great appetite and it is eating...
  2. my fish are dying!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I recently got some Platies and I didn't quarantine (I know- I should have) and 3 of them died within 2 weeks. So I was worried that they had a disease from the store but all of my other fish were ok. But today I found 3 of my serpae tetra dead and 2 of my zebra danios. Now I'm afraid that they...
  3. Sick Fish....HELP!!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    We have just started a new tank (as in 4 months old). We complete the full cycling as directed and started stocking fish. Everything was going good and fish looked great. Last Sat. I noticed white spots on 1 of our fish so as directed by LFS I started treating for Ich. We did 25% water change...
  4. Black Swordtail Issues

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    HI all I have been breeding my swordtails for a couple of generaltions now but wanted to try breeding my black female with a black male. however I found it hard to find one that doesn't have a black sword. I have heard that the gene that causes black fins is also cancerous for them, and I was...
  5. A Strange Fish Spot

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi Everyone, I hope this is the right forum to post this in, my apologies if I am wrong. About two days ago one of our fishes developed a small red spot on his forehead - I guess you could describe it as a wart (I have attached a couple of images). It has remained the same size and it shows no...