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fish diease

  1. Is this infectious to my other fish?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello, everyone! I am new to aquarium life but have quickly become attached to the Glofish I got my kids at Christmas. I noticed what seemed to be a bruise on the yellow fish's fin about a month ago and it has grown quite large, protruding on both sides of the fin. The fish has slightly...
  2. Please help, sick platy

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    OK, so I set up a tank this past summer and everything has been fine up until now. My mother became extremely sick (cancer and a spleen removal) and had to have trauma surgery just before Christmas. We weren't sure if she was going to make it. Please don't think me a bad fish keeper it's just...
  3. Small film-ish covering on part of my oscar's eye

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello, I am going to beg for help here, I just seem to have the worst luck with raising an aquarium so I look to you guys for help. I just started my new aquarium (if you search for older posts from me, you'll understand the need). So I did a fish-less cycle with fish-food. Went very smooth...