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  1. Tank mates for Firemouth in 50 gal.

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi, I've got my new 50 gallon tank up and running and decided on trying out a Firemouth. I'm interested in the slightly more unusual behaviour of cichlids but don't really want to delve too far into the aggression territory. So with that in mind, and growth size too, I've opted for the single...
  2. My predator grow out tank

    Hi all, Im new to the forum, and I just wanted to share with u guys my big fish/predator grow out/baby tank. I have a 2ft tank that my auntie gave to me, so I originally bought an Altolamprologus Calvus and an electric blue peacock. Any way I got rid of them, and now I have in it a 4 and a 1/2...
  3. Green Severum tank mate

    I have a green severum in a 55 and i was looking for a new tank mate but wasnt sure what the best choice was. I was thinking of either a firemouth, or a pearly compressiceps. Any advice or suggestions?
  4. Firemouth cichlid

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    i have a green severum and 6 giant danios in a 55 and i am looking for a new tank mate. The firemouth cichlid came up in my search and i was wondering is this would be a good match.
  5. firemouth!55 gallon?

    hello who ever ponders past this i have some questions about fire-mouths and their compatibility with my tank mates? - i have a 55 gallon that is home to - - 10 harla rasboras -6 odessa barbs -6 silvertips -6 guppies -6 cories - 1 pleco i was wondering about adding a centerpiece cichlid. i like...
  6. Need help identifying this cichlid species!

    Hi all! First off, thanks for reading in hopes of assisting me! The picture I am talking about is my profile picture, and there are more in my album here on TFK. I got a couple of Firemouth Cichlids from Petsmart about a month ago. The one juvenile is for sure a Firemouth. The larger one...
  7. Introducing Yellow Lab to my Non-African Tank

    Introduced a Electric Yellow 2" to my tank after researching a bit about them, being fairly tame as far as Africans go and quite easy to look after. The 'main players' in my tank are a Jack Dempsey 2.5", 2 Firemouths 2" and a Red Tail Black Shark 2.5". Being an alkaline tank I gave it a shot...
  8. Texas & Firemouth Cichlid Growth

    As a general rule forgetting other factors, does the Texas Cichlid grow faster than the Firemouth Cichlid? Just got a Texas and it is bigger than my 2 Firemouths. So far so good but I am worried the Texas will become the tank bully.