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fin damage

  1. High ammonia and fin issues

    Ancient Fish
    Hello! So I recently got a tuxedo guppy and a fancy guppy. So my first issue is with the tuxedo guppy, I noticed the second day I had him that his tail was ripped. I brushed it off, maybe he just ripped it on something. However, this morning, about 4 days into having him, he has a small chunk...
  2. blue johanni with wound behind fin, what to do?

    hello i have an adult blue johanni with a wound right behind his fin i would say its like his fin pit... kinda it looks like a rip but the actual fin has no damage in fact he hasn't a scratch or nip on him at all.... i put some melafix in the water and added a bit of salt but what else should be...
  3. Molly Fish Dead

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I attached for you some pics of my dead molly fish hoping u can idetify the cause of death and hopefully help me save my fish I have a 60*40*30 cm tank I only raise Mollys I have about 20 fish all are from the same family (original parents died) but several generations the died fish is a female...
  4. My Bettas got in a fight how can I help them heal

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I've been keeping 2 male bettas in a 5.5 gallon tank with a divider. Last night the divider moved just enough for one to get on to the other side. They probably fought for about a minute before I caught them and separated them. Both bettas have pretty tattered fins but were swimming around this...